A Letter to People who Support Covid Vaccine Mandates in WA State

A Letter to People who Support Covid Vaccine Mandates in WA State

July 22nd 2022

Dear People who Support Covid Vaccine Mandates in WA State,

I hope this letter finds you well, happy and healthy. I’m writing because I’m concerned about the difference in our opinion.

My name is Elizabeth Hanson. I was a teacher in WA state from 1989-2021 and an AFT union member from 1992-2021. (Prior to the start of Covid in 2020, I had decided to retire in August 2021.)

Recently, I was surprised to learn:


Impacted employees (62,000 state agency employees) must be “up to date” on their COVID vaccine series, including additional booster doses recommended by the Center for Disease Control by July 1, 2023.”


I predict some of those 62,000 state agency employees will refuse Covid booster shots. They will retire early or change jobs. Many will take it begrudgingly.

I’m writing to explain to you why some state employees will refuse the Covid booster and why about 25% of Washingtonians have decided against taking any Covid vaccine.

I can’t speak for every unvaccinated person, but I have 5 common reasons that people chose not to get a Covid vaccine to share with you. It’s weird that very few people seem interested in knowing why we refused to get a Covid vaccine.

Incidentally, I think most Washingtonians have lost more people in their lives over the issue of Covid vaccination than to the Corona virus itself.

In 2021 I would be having a normal conversation with a friend, and they would start saying bad things about the unvaccinated. I would quickly let them know that I was unvaccinated, so they wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. Usually the conversation ended awkwardly.

Today most unvaccinated people can relate to the interchange between Lange and Apocalyptic David on Twitter:


Frankly, I have more fear of vilification because I’m unvaccinated than I have fear of the Corona virus.

I also think it’s important to let you know that nearly all unvaccinated people were never vaccine hesitant. That label implies we were scared of shots, like children are scared of shots. The word hesitant gave the impression that we could be soothed into taking the vaccine or talked into taking it. In my opinion vaccine hesitancy was a slick Madison Avenue marketing ploy. We weren’t hesitant. We were informed.

By fall 2020 most of us were familiar with the number of Covid-related deaths in the US and in WA state. We learned about the risk factors (comorbidities) that people who die a Covid-related death almost always have. By June or July of 2021 we knew about Covid vaccine injuries. By early 2022 we learned that the protection offered by the Covid vaccines was not long-lasting.

The unvaccinated are by and large not careless or stupid people as has been portrayed in mainstream media. Nearly all of the children of the unvaccinated have been vaccinated with traditional vaccines. This image is from April, 2019 as if paving the way for today’s anti-vax sentiment.



Like most unvaccinated people, I do believe that the Covid virus is real and has greatly contributed to the deaths of many people.

I know of a young man in his early 20’s who had a Covid infection and went to the hospital because he couldn’t breathe and he died. I don’t think he was vaccinated. His family claims he died because of the medical treatment he was given, and I believe they have taken legal action.

I know about an old woman, the mother of one of my husband’s students, who, while actively dying of cancer in a hospital, tested positive for Covid. And when she died of cancer, her death was labeled Covid. (Mislabeling a person’s cause of death is nauseatingly evil.) I know of an apparently healthy 40 year old vaccinated woman who died in her sleep. I know a man who is severely vaccine injured and now has a hard time working. I know several vaccine injured people on Twitter.

I’m sure you have Covid related stories too. Maybe you know people who have died Covid-related deaths. For all lives lost to Covid I’m truly sad. And unvaccinated people had nothing to do with those deaths because as we have learned, Covid vaccines don’t stop viral transmission or infection. They don’t work as promised.

I have a great degree of respect for the Corona virus. It sounds weird to have respect for a virus.

I avoid crowded places, and I am happy because it seems like sick people are staying home. I can’t remember the last time I saw a person cough, sneeze or blow their nose in public.

I keep a clean house and disinfect my counters, bathrooms and tables every day and wash my hands many more times a day than I had before Covid. I also take vitamins C, D3 and a multivitamin everyday, and sometimes zinc. I spend 3-5 hours outside most days.

I’m probably just like you in my carefulness except I’m not vaccinated.

All that said, let’s go to the 5 reasons that 25% of Washingtonians chose not to take a Covid vaccine which will likely be the same reasons that some of the state agency workers will refuse to take the booster.

Reason #1: Assessing our personal risk

Many of us decided against taking a Covid vaccine because we figured out our personal risk of dying from Covid in 2020 by analyzing numbers and learning about the comorbidities associated with a Covid-related death.

Roughly 7.7 million people live in WA state. Here is the age distribution chart. (I hope you find such things interesting.)



How many people are in your age group? There are 382,087 in mine. I imagine I’ve talked to at least 1,000 of them because of living in WA state my whole life.

Next, let’s look at the vaccination numbers supplied to us by the WA State Department of Health: nearly 75% of the population age 5 and over is fully vaccinated, which means that they took the initial 2 Moderna or Pfizer vaccines or 1 Johnson and Johnson vaccine. About 58% of Washingtonians have received a booster. Many people decided against getting boosted.


In WA state, according to the CDC, a total of 12,533 people have died a Covid related death since 2020 (out of 165,186 total deaths from all causes). Here is a break down by age of the total number of Covid related deaths in WA state so far, reported to the CDC. You will also see the number of deaths from all causes 2020-2022. (retrieved on July 20th)


Here again are the numbers of Covid-related deaths by age as well as the % of all Covid-related deaths in each age group:

Washington State Covid-related deaths (2020-2022)


It is clear that the older a person is, the greater chance they have of a death involving Covid.

People in WA state under the age of 50 have accounted for 6.8% of all Covid-related deaths in our state, and young people under the age of 30 have accounted for 0.7% of all Covid-related deaths.

About 93% of all Covid-related deaths have occurred in people over the age of 50 with 53% of all Covid-related deaths occurring in people over the age of 75.

I’m in the 60-64 year old age group. There are about 383,000 of us in WA state and over the nearly 2 ½ year period (2020-2022) there have been roughly 800 deaths involving Covid out of the approximate 8,666 total deaths from all causes. When a person in my age group dies, there is about a 90% chance that the cause of their death is something other than the Corona virus.

If you look at children age 0-17, the CDC reports 12 total Covid related deaths out of the roughly 1.2 million children in WA state over a 2 ½ year period. The chance of a child dying from Covid is basically zero.

Regarding the Covid death profile, most people who die a Covid-related deaths have underlying health issues (comorbidities), like obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. By mid 2020, we had read many articles like this one in Time magazine:


We figured that if we were generally healthy and had none of the known comorbidities, we didn’t need a Covid vaccine to stay alive. Also, many of us got a Covid infection in 2020 or 2021 and wonder why there has been so little talk about natural immunity.

Essentially, we didn’t take a Covid vaccine because we know that a Covid infection is survivable for nearly all healthy people.

Reason #2: A bad experience with pharmaceuticals or the healthcare system

Many unvaccinated people have had negative, if not traumatic, experiences with pharmaceuticals or the healthcare system.

Here’s my story: I was 13 years old in 1974 and for about 15 months I suffered from a digestive disorder which stumped the doctors. I almost died from not being able to digest food and absorb nutrients. I had to be given nutrients intravenously. I took a lot of medications and treatments and nothing relieved my symptoms or the incredible pain I suffered every time I ate even a tiny bit.

At 5’8” I got down to 105 pounds. I remember the appointment when the doctor told my mom and me that he and his colleagues didn’t know what else to do for me. I was 14 years old and upon hearing the doctor’s words, I envisioned darkness and saw myself as a lone fish about to enter a vast ocean.

Isn’t it reasonable for people who have had negative experiences like this to not automatically trust doctors or pharmaceuticals? Most such people have spent many hours doing research on Covid vaccines.

Reason #3: Firmly held spiritual beliefs

Some of us chose not to get vaccinated because we are religious or spiritual. We try to live according to what we feel is God’s will for us. I’ve found that many of us got a “hit” not to take a Covid vaccine. In my case, when I prayed about the Covid vaccine, I had a voice in me say “It’s not for you”.

I have heard from people who don’t consider themselves to be religious or spiritual who also got a “hit” that it wasn’t for them.

Isn’t it reasonable not to do something when a strong feeling inside of you gives you a clear message not to do it? I think nearly everyone can relate to not taking a certain job, or not moving to a certain place or not going out with a person again simply because of having a strong feeling. It’s called intuition.

To sum, the first 3 reasons that roughly 25% of Washingtonians have refused to take a Covid vaccine are #1: They looked at their odds of dying. #2: They had had a bad experience with pharmaceuticals or the healthcare system and #3: They got a feeling not to take it.

Reason #4: The Covid vaccines come with risks

The fourth reason that we decided not to take a Covid vaccine is that Covid vaccines come with risks. Covid vaccines are not as safe as the traditional vaccines we are used to. We were told they were experimental and now we are seeing the results. There are many Covid vaccine injuries that have been reported, like myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle), permanent disability, miscarriages and death.

Here is a video of UK Dr. John Campbell from early 2022, explaining a study out of Israel, which talks about how there is an increased risk of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) in young men (mostly).


Vaccine injuries will likely be the main reason that some state employees will refuse the Covid booster. Here is a vaccine injury reported recently to VAERS, shared by a nurse on Twitter:


Also, I recently read this article on Substack, a place where a lot of scientists and doctors write. (I include links to some of them in the PS section of this letter.)

Read the start of this article slowly and think about what you are reading. In the article the D-dimer the doctor mentions is a test that tests for blood clots. Thrombi are blood clots.


Many doctors and scientists knew back in 2020 and early 2021 that the Covid vaccines aren’t completely safe. They are writing now about things like a huge increase in cancers in vaccinated people, problems with the reproductive system and weakening immunity.

Knowing all of this, how is it morally responsible to mandate people take a Covid vaccine?

Here is a table showing some of the vaccine injuries in WA state submitted to The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, (VAERS) which has existed since 1990. VAERS is a US agency managed jointly by the CDC and FDA where doctors, medical personnel and patients can report injuries related to vaccines. Studies have shown that only a small fraction of vaccine injuries are ever reported. We can likely multiply each number of these injuries by 10 if not by 100.

This table of vaccine injuries in WA state was retrieved on July 20th and goes through July 8th. I summarize the total injuries in a table below the one you see here because I know this one is hard to read:



Can you imagine taking a vaccine for your health and ending up permanently disabled?


The fact that vaccine injuries aren’t being openly acknowledged by all levels of government, public health departments, mainstream media, most doctors and big pharma is a crime against humanity.

In my opinion, people who have been seriously injured because of a Covid vaccine and can no longer work should be financially and physically cared for for the rest of their lives, yet now they have little to no recourse. In an earlier era, with the number of deaths and injuries associated with the Covid vaccines, they would have been pulled off of the market.

You can do research at Openvaers, which takes VAERS data and puts it into a simple to navigate database and read the stories of people who have been injured, too.


Reason #5: The Covid vaccines and boosters don’t stop transmission or infection and in some cases they don’t prevent death.

I bet you remember when we were told:

Vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don’t get sick” (Dr. Rochelle Walensky, March 29th, 2021);

When people are vaccinated, they can feel safe that they are not going to get infected” (Dr. Anthony Fauci, May 17th, 2021).”


From December 2020

Former NY Times reporter Alex Berenson, who regularly reports on breaking Covid-related news on Substack, describes a recent Dutch government study on Covid vaccine efficacy:

“… each additional shot appears to do less and fail more quickly. Worst of all, because the shots cause recipients to produce antibodies to the original coronavirus rather than Omicron’s mutated spike, vaccinated people now have a higher risk of Omicron infection...”


Also, I don’t watch FOX news, but apparently Tucker Carlson made a similar report about the ineffectiveness of the vaccines. Take note of the headline:


A transcript of his monologue and his full video is here:


The WA public health website also admits that Covid vaccines haven’t stopped transmission or infection and sometimes they haven’t prevented death. Here are numbers from the WA State Dept of Health on Covid breakthrough infections and breakthrough deaths. (Retrieved on July 20th)


So far in 2022 we find that there has been a total of nearly 637,000 break through infections, meaning that approximately 12% of all vaccinated people have had a known Covid infection. A total of 2,792 vaccinated Washingtonians have died a Covid-related death.


In comparison, according to the CDC, 2,730 people have died a Covid related death in WA state so far in 2022, 62 fewer than have died from breakthrough infections!


Clearly, the Covid vaccines aren’t working as advertised.

To sum, here are the 5 reasons I came up with (There are likely more reasons people have) to explain why many people decided against taking a Covid vaccine and why some of the 62,000 state agency workers will refuse the Covid booster:

#1 - Assessing our personal risk

#2 - A bad experience with pharmaceuticals or the healthcare system

#3 - Firmly held spiritual beliefs

#4 - The Covid vaccines come with risks.

#5 - The Covid vaccines and boosters don’t stop transmission or infection and, in some cases, they don’t prevent death.


Washington state’s response to the Covid virus has hurt us all.

No one should be mandated to take a Covid vaccine. Yet, we have mandated college students and many workers to take a Covid vaccine against their will.

The push to silence highly credentialed people has been shocking to witness in a country which has long championed free speech rights.

Emerging medical findings and vaccine injuries are not discussed openly. We now have science that is curated for us, designed for our consumption.

What’s happening now with the vaccine mandates and deriding people who are unvaccinated reminds many people of other events in history when the government set out to take control of a population.

Psychologist and Professor at the University of Ghent in Belgium, Dr. Mattias Desmet explains how people are made to believe things and to do things that they normally wouldn’t because of having undergone the process of Mass formation.

Mass formation occurs when an already anxious population in an atomized society (a society which lacks social cohesion) is given a particular narrative to follow. In this case it was “Vaccinate to end the pandemic and to save lives”. Basically, people formed a herd around this narrative and found personal meaning in it. Following the narrative eased their previous anxiety and provided social cohesion. And anyone who didn’t go along with the narrative has faced retribution.

Dr. Desmet speaks directly about the times we are living in now, and his videos (like the one below) are well-worth watching:

M19 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VJ1QQHrV_0&t=98s

Thank you for reading this.

And if you are someone who still thinks we need to mandate Covid vaccination for workers and college students, I’d like you to reexamine your reasoning. Your vaccine mandate ideation will undoubtedly cause serious health problems and even death in others.

(See the PS section for links to doctors and highly credentialed others who have been blacklisted from the Covid response discussion.)



Elizabeth Hanson (BA Linguistics, M.Ed. in Adult Education) is a former community college professor (English to speakers of other languages) and lives in Ferndale, WA.

She co-wrote the book Anatomy and Physiology for English Language Learners as she has a keen interest in how the human body works.

She is happily retired and enjoys her dogs, her family, her friends, her home, her Japanese home-stay son and daughter, her church, reading, and music. She can be reached at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

PS- Here are some Covid-related resources for more information:

1- Dr. Ryan Cole, Pathologist. Here he is writing about the blood clots he has found in Covid vaccinated people:


Dr. Cole has also written extensively on the increase in cancers since the Covid vaccine roll out.

2- Dr. Paul Alexander, COVID-19 Consultant, Researcher and Clinical Epidemiologist. Here he writes about how the military is being told not to report vaccine injuries. He writes prolifically about Covid everyday:


3- Dr. Pierre Cory, Pulmonary and Critical Care Specialist, Teacher/Researcher. Here he is talking about vaccine injuries:


4- Dr. Vinay Prasad- Oncology Medicine Health Policy; Epidemiology Associate Professor. Here he is talking about why we shouldn’t be vaccinating children:


5- Steve Kirsch, Former entrepreneur and director of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation- This power point on Covid is very comprehensive: https://www.skirsch.com/covid/elephant.pdf

He also has written about the pilot shortage:


6- Dr. Robert Malone, Inventor of mRNA vaccines. Here he writes about early Covid treatments.


7- Mark Crispin Miller, Professor of media, culture and communication at NYU. He regularly writes about people who have died suddenly:


8- Dr. Peter McCullough, doctor who has treated tens of thousands of Covid patients with a specific protocol including use of Ivermectin. He has been critical of the US response to Covid. Here he is testifying in the US senate:


9- Brett Weinstein and Health Heying, former Biology professors at Evergreen State College who present their analysis of the Covid response, and guide their viewers through scientific studies


10- Dr. Bryam W. Brindle, professor of viral immunology. Here he is talking about the practice of masking children:


Again, thank you for reading this letter.

If you are mandated to take a Covid vaccine or a Covid booster, and you don’t want to, please share any part of this letter to your supervisor and the authority asking you to do so. Feel free to use this letter in any way you choose. 

You should be able to attend higher ed and to work at your job without being required to take a Covid vaccine.