Seven Point Plan to Reduce Mass Shootings

In the past few weeks, there have been mass shooting in both New York and Texas. Many of our corrupt elected officials have used these mass shootings to advocate for imposing still more gun laws on the American people. Yet we know from the past 20 years of ever increasing gun laws that gun laws do not reduce mass shootings as mass shootings have gone up rather than down. The truth is that the recent wave of murders is related to the lock down policies imposed on us by the very same corrupt politicians who now want more gun laws. Instead of more gun laws, we need fewer corrupt politicians whose use bribes from drug companies to fund their re-election campaigns. If we are ever to reduce mass shootings, we need to address the underlying causes of the problem. I therefore submit the following Seven Point Plan to Reduce Mass Shootings:

1. End the ability of drug companies to bribe our elected leaders and the mass media.

2. Change the Medical Privacy law to require the release of medical and drug records on anyone who has killed more than ten people.

3. Prohibit the drugging of our children with dangerous and ineffective drugs.

4. Ban violent video games like Call of Duty that dehumanize people killing other people.

5. End school closures, mandatory masks at school, subjecting children to more than 100 virus tests each year and all the other nightmare practices now being used in our schools to promote fear, anxiety, bullying.

6. Instead, provide children with a healthy lifestyle including social interactions, recreation, healthy food and safe drinking water as well as lower class sizes and more highly trained teachers.

7. Teach children non-violent conflict resolution skills.

As always, I look forward to your questions and comments.


David Spring M. Ed.

Davidspring at protonmail dot com