Meet the CIA Smoking Gun – Proof that Russians Hacked the US Election!

On January 6, 2017, the CIA issued a report claiming to prove that Russians hacked the US Presidential election. Here is a link to the CIA report in case you forgot to read it:

A lot of people criticized the CIA report as being ridiculous. We at Turning Point News previously reported that every claim made in this CIA report was completely false. For example, the CIA Report claimed that “Russians used a show called Breaking the Set” hosted by Abby Martin to influence the US election.” There is only one problem with this claim: The final episode of Breaking the Set aired on February 27, 2015 – more than a year before the US election.

In addition, Abby Martin is not really a Russian. She is from California. (I know what you’re thinking… being from California is almost the same as being from Russia). Here is a picture of Abby Martin, the host of Breaking the Set.

However, while Abby is not a Russian, there was an actual real live Russian mentioned in the CIA report. His name is Vladimir Zhirinovsky. On page 4 of the report is the CIA’s most damaging evidence that Russians hacked the US election. Here is the quote from the CIA report: “Pro-Kremlin proxy Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the nationalist Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, proclaimed just before the election that if President-elect Trump won, Russia would “drink champagne.”

If fact, after several minutes of painstaking research, we now know that it was not just Vladimir who was involved in this vast conspiracy against the American people. Vlad the Diabolical was assisted by a Russian Newspaper reporter named Elena Chinkova. She conducted an interview with Vlad in September 2016 and then published it on November 1, 2016 in a major Russian newspaper called Komsomolskaya Pravda. Here is a link to her article:

Here are the juicy details of how this conspiracy came about. Elena traveled to New York in September 2016 to write a story about the US election. While she was there, she bought a Donald Trump teeshirt for herself and she bought another Donald Trump teeshirt for Vlad the Diabolical because she heard that he liked Donald Trump. She then flew back to Moscow and gave Vlad this shirt as a present during an interview.

Here is a quote by Vlad the Trump Tee Shirt Wearer from the article: “Personally, I think that Trump is going to win. Americans are independent people. One can’t trick them into doing something they don’t want. If the TV channels and the elite are against Trump, ordinary citizens are likely to vote for him. We’ll congratulate him on November 9! If he wins, we are drinking champagne on November 9!“

Both Vlad and Elena realized that not too many Americans (other than the CIA) read Russian newspapers. So to have more influence over the US election, they produced a brief video to promote Donald Trump and help him get more votes in America. Scroll to the bottom of the above article to watch this propaganda filled video.


Apparently this 14 second video did not get too much traction in the US (other than being noticed by the CIA). This was probably because the Russians forgot to post this video on Youtube. Also there seems to be something wrong with the Russian servers because the page at the Russian Newspaper took a very long time to load. So just in case you are unable to watch this powerful lesson in Russian Propaganda on the Russian website, we will quote what Vlad said (in English). We will also post this video below to make it more widely available for Americans who are interested in learning more about how these two Russian co-conspirators hacked our election. Vlad is clearly a clever speech writer. Here is the entire quote from the video. “Donald. Good luck. We in Russia are for you. We are waiting. For your victory. On 8 November, your victory will be a holiday for all of the world.”

Here is the link to this video.

There you have it folks - irrefutable undeniable proof that at least two Russians were in fact trying to influence the US election. This is clearly a smoking gun if ever I saw one. No wonder these two Russians wound up taking center stage in the CIA report!

The CIA report claims that Vlad the Tee Shirt Wearer is a “proxy” for Vladimir Putin. After all, we all know that nothing happens in Russia without Putin knowing about it. Just like nothing happens in the US without the NSA knowing about it. So I decided to do some research on Vlad Zhirinovsky. Here are links to a couple of articles I read:

These articles make it clear that Zhirinovsky and Putin do not really get along that well. Zhirinovsky seems to be an old time Russian Nationalist while Putin seems to be a Pro-Western modernist. So they are at the opposite ends of the Russian political spectrum. In fact, Zhirinovsky is the leader of one of three political parties in the Russian Duma (like our Congress) opposed to Putin. Here is a picture of Vlad the Nationalist giving a speech to his supporters in St. Petersburg in 2011:


The flags they are holding are not exactly Russian flags. Instead, they are Russian nationalist flags. Vlad the Nationalist has repeatedly said that the way to restore Russian glory is to get rid of this “pro-Western” flag and go back to a more traditional flag. Here is what the current “pro-Western” Russian “Red White and Blue” flag looks like:


To be honest, Zhirinovsky is also a bit of a nut. In 1991, he rose to power by promising all Russians free vodka if he was elected. This promise of free booz helped him come in third place in the Russian Presidential election and won him a set in the Duma.

Zhirinovsky is also a bit of a loose cannon. More recently, he has advocated for forcibly retaking Alaska and then relocating all Ukrainians to Alaska – apparently trying to solve two problems at once. Putin had to issue a statement making it clear that he has no interest in attacking Alaska - saying that Russia already has enough frozen land and does not need any more.

Below is a picture of Vlad the Nut giving a speech in the Russian Duma in 2012 advocating for building free homes for homeless people. Putin is watching Vlad give this speech. Here is a video of the speech if you want to see Vlad in action.


During the same speech, Zhirinovsky had the audacity of accusing every Russian political party but his own of being corrupt. Here is Putin’s facial expression as Crazy Vlad accuses Putin’s party, United Russia of being corrupt. (note: LDPR stands for Liberal Democratic Party of Russia which is the party Vlad is the leader of).


Do you really think that Putin would put Crazy Vlad in charge of a campaign to elect Donald Trump??? More likely, Putin is thinking, how do I get rid of this guy?

Vlad has also claimed that the US CIA has hacked elections in Russia in the past (which is true)… and that the US CIA is likely to hack elections in Russia again in the future. Here is a picture of a US hacker in a recent Russian newspaper:


The US army hacker looks pretty scary, doesn’t he? Apparently Russians are just as afraid of US hackers as we are of Russian hackers. And newspapers in both countries use fake images like these to help attract more readers and sell more papers.

As one final comment on the CIA contention that Crazy Vlad is actually a Proxy Spokesperson for Putin, if this were true then why was Vlad’s “Trump promoting” video never picked up by RT America (which the CIA contends is also a mouthpiece for Putin). As near as I can tell, Vlad’s video has never been seen by anyone in America (outside the CIA) before being published in our Turning Point News article. So how can it be that Vlad influenced the American election when not a single American ever saw his video before the election? .

Conclusion: The CIA is not always wrong
Since there is now well documented ireffutable undeniable proof that Russians were in fact attempting to influence the US election, we think it is only fair to publicly apologize for our previously claiming that “every sentence in the CIA report was false.” We now stand corrected. There was one sentence in the CIA 15 page report that was true. Please share this report with everyone you know. It is important for the American people to know that the CIA is not always wrong. Clearly at least some Russians were trying to influence the US election.

David Spring
Turning Point News