The Covid Response, Blind Obedience, and the Great Reset

Elizabeth Hanson, M. Ed. Ferndale, WA USA November 14, 2021

Throughout history, populations have been propagandized by their governments and/or by other powerful groups to believe things and do things that they otherwise would never do. Whole populations can become blindly obedient to a government’s demands. Anyone who questions those demands is dismissed, ridiculed, punished or killed. Protests are squashed. Examples of blind obedience in history include: Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia and Maoist China.


August Landmesser refused to do the "Sieg Heil" salute during a Nazi rally at the Blohm & Voss shipyard in Hamburg on June 13, 1936. Refusing to abandon his Jewish wife, Landmesser was arrested in 1938 and sentenced to nearly three years in a concentration camp.

This report is divided into the following five sections:

1. Formulating of the Covid response

2. The divide in people’s reaction to Covid

3. The manufacture of blind obedience

4. Evidence against the official narrative

5. Conclusion… And the Great Reset

1 Formulating the Covid Response

At the start of the Covid era, social and behavioral scientists were explaining to our elected leaders (and likely media heads and other people of influence) how to use behavioral science to persuade us to support the government’s Covid response.


Were the social and behavioral scientists in full agreement with the Covid mandates (lockdowns, masks, school and business closures, the distancing rules)? In other words, did they themselves agree with those responses to Covid?

I’m writing this report to remember history. I’ll give it to my children to give to their future children someday. I don’t know how this Covid era will end, but I hope it results in a better and freer world for us all and doesn’t result in totalitarianism, which is where we could be heading.

To start, I don’t think we have been responding to Covid in the best way. In this report I say “Covid” instead of “Covid-19, and I sometimes say “shot” instead of “vaccine”… because it isn’t a vaccine in the traditional sense.

Moreover, I understand why elderly people and people with underlying health conditions and people who are nervous about Covid have chosen to take the shots. The Covid shots will, in most cases, reduce both the symptoms of Covid and the need to be hospitalized. However, these shots protect people for only a few months; and they don’t stop people who take them from becoming infected with Covid or from transmitting the Covid virus to others.

The early Covid era timeline

When looking at a situation, it’s best to give a history… to start at the beginning.

2 The Divide in People’s Reaction to Covid

New information about Covid comes out regularly, and It is curious how so many Americans are dismissive toward it, or they simply have no interest in it or adamantly don’t want to hear about it.

Science isn’t a “one and done”. As mentioned, many well-respected scientists, public health experts and doctors are continuously doing academic research on Covid. However, when they share their research, they are called anti-vaxxers by mainstream media and are dismissed out of hand by people, people who have become blindly obedient. That attitude is frankly shocking when you stand back and think about it. Dismissing well-informed people’s research flies right in the face of what most of us have been taught about critical thinking, which is to look at multiple perspectives. Instead, we have been told what to think about Covid from a select group of people who are either themselves now amassing more power, money and influence or are connected to corporations and groups that are.


Moreover, when a person refuses to take an experimental shot that doesn’t stop virus transmission or infection, has side effects, no long term studies and more deaths attributed to it than all other vaccines combined since 1980, he or she is called an anti-vaxxer as well.

Resorting to name calling is a sure way to divide a population.

The VAERS Report

The VAERS report is one reason for the difference in opinion regarding the Covid response. Many people who are opposed to the Covid shots are aware of the growing list of injuries and deaths attributed to them.


This chart shows the number of deaths attributed to the Covid shots. Note the sharp increase since the shots were started to be given.

3 The Manufacture of Blind Obedience

People like Jimmy Dore are not easily led to obey commands unless those commands make sense to them.

Professor of Clinical Psychology at Ghent University in Belgium, Dr. Mattias Desmet, (who also holds a master’s degree in statistics), explains why many Americans have not questioned the government’s Covid response despite there being clear evidence against it. He explains the phenomenon of Mass Formation...(blind obedience).

Early on in the Covid era, Ghent compared the actual number of deaths to the models and data created by Imperial College and found huge discrepancies. For example, it was reported by Imperial College that in Sweden, which didn’t lock down or follow the mainstream mandates, 80,000 people would die, but by May of 2020 only 6,000 people had died...and by November 12th 2021 15,051 have died, a far cry from the 80,000 initially modeled.


Desmet was amazed that even after Imperial College’s mathematical models had been proven wrong, the Covid mandates didn’t change.

To understand what he was seeing, he turned to his psychology training and now speaks publicly about mass formation. Simply put, he talks about how people get brainwashed.

What is interesting is that a people’s blind obedience to a government, (or to any group with power), can only occur after these particular 4 conditions are met:

1) ...there are a lot of socially isolated people…Clearly, the lockdowns isolated people. However, prior to the Covid era, we were a nation divided by race, politics, gender, religion, among other divisions. Some would say that Critical Race Theory (CRT) is divisive. Add to that, Americans don’t talk to their neighbors or take part in church and civic groups as they had in earlier eras. Due to cancel culture, many people are afraid to have an independent opinion, or tell a joke. Our culture has promoted isolation and division in one way or another for many years.

2) ...people experience a lack of ‘sense making’ … During Covid, many mandates were given which don’t make sense, like when retail chains like Home Depot were allowed to stay open while small locally owned hardware stores had to shut down or now when only vaxxed people can enter restaurants in some counties or cities.

For a long time, way before Covid, many things in the US haven’t made sense. For example, most people are barely getting by financially in the US yet the powerful .001% get bail-outs and get off the hook when they act in a corrupt manner and this group also gets to heavily influence our government.

It doesn’t make sense that we put up with this.

3) ...there is a lot of Free-Floating Anxiety… This kind of anxiety is anxiety without a discernible root cause. A person doesn’t know why they feel anxious, but they do. Anxiety medication prescriptions have skyrocketed since the start of the Covid era. The government’s Covid response led to a 34% increase in the number of anti-anxiety prescriptions between February 15th and March 16th of 2020, and nearly a 19% increase in antidepressant prescriptions and a near 15% increase in prescriptions for insomnia. The government and the mainstream media did a great job scaring everybody early on.


4) … there’s a lot of Free-Floating Psychological-Discontent… According to the World Health Organization (WHO) since the start of the Covid era, at least 114 million people worldwide have lost their jobs.

Before Covid, our society was already in sad shape. People have been experiencing free-floating psychological discontent and anxiety for many reasons: financial hardship, unfairness in society, racial tensions, gender tensions, sexuality tensions, violence, etc.

Going back to the creation of blind obedience. Desmet explains that after these 4 conditions are met, people are ripe to becoming controllable. The fear generated around Covid made it possible for these 4 conditions to be cemented in people. Many Americans are now blindly obedient to the Covid narrative. It is scary for people who are not blindly obedient to see this level of group-think in society today.

Dr Desmet explains that 30% of the population is very subject to blind obedience. That means they won’t be backing down from their pro-mandate positions despite scientific peer reviewed evidence to the contrary. 40% of people will go along with the Covid mandates. They might have questions about the mandates or the shots, but it seems they are hardwired psychologically not to put their heads above water or to stand out from the group. That said, they could become members of either group. Finally, 30% of the population is not susceptible to becoming blindly obedient. They will do research and will speak out. They don’t easily form group allegiances.

It is worth watching Dr. Desmet explain this phenomenon:

4 Evidence against the Official Covid Narrative

As seen, in the US, and in many countries worldwide, there are many intelligent people who oppose the government’s Covid narrative. They think that the strong response to Covid isn’t appropriate to the threat of Covid.

As a result, the population is now divided: vaxxed vs unvaxxed, pro-vax passports vs anti-vax passports, pro-vaccinating children vs anti-vaccinating children, pro-lockdown vs anti-lockdown. Families and friendships are even breaking up.

According to the many respected scientists and doctors who are dismissed by mainstream media, we shouldn’t have had to lock down, shut down small businesses, take PCR tests to travel. We shouldn’t trust the PCR test, wear masks, change how we fill out death certificates or stand six feet apart. The schools didn’t need to close. The vaccine didn’t need to be mandated… and it certainly should not be being given to children. Look at some of their research:

1- Lockdowns…

Some people don’t realize how much the lockdowns damaged the economy. The people in favor of the lockdowns typically were upper middle class and could work from home.

According to the Wall Street Journal, 200,000 businesses in the US shut down due to the Covid mandates in 2020.


We shouldn’t have shut down any businesses. Instead, people who felt at risk of Covid should have protected themselves. If they felt unsure about going shopping, they could have their goods sent. The businesses should have had a high level of ventilation and maybe limited the number of people inside… but not be mandated to shut down.

5 Conclusion… And the Great Reset

Covid is a real virus, yet the government response to it has been excessive… akin to trying to take out a sliver with a pair of pliers instead of tweezers. Austria is shutting down again, barring unvaxxed people from entering restaurants and other public places based on a rise in cases, which we have seen depends on the cycle threshold of the PCR test. Increase the cycle threshold, more cases; decrease the cycle threshold, fewer cases.

Obviously, part of the government’s response to Covid should have been persuading people to take better care of their health: taking vitamins and minerals, exercising, getting outside, making sure that there is ventilation in closed spaces, losing weight, washing their hands, isolating when they are sick, avoiding large indoor crowds, etc.

Now in the US and worldwide, our “leaders” want children vaxxed to protect them. Protect them from what? None of this makes sense... and yet it might.

While we have busy getting scared, taking shots, locking down and wearing masks, there has been a group of people working behind the scenes to create a new world, which few of us will like. Their plan is laid out in this book, “The Great Reset” by Klaus Schwab, who is founder and executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum.

Tessa Lenna wrote a comprehensive article explaining “The Great Reset”. In part:

“… the practical aim of the Great Reset is to fundamentally restructure the world’s economy and geopolitical relations based on two assumptions: one, that every element of nature and every life form is a part of the global inventory … —and two, that all inventory needs to be strictly accounted for: be registered in a central database, be readable by a scanner and easily ID’ed, and be managed by AI, using the latest “science.”

I suggest you look into the Great Reset. I think we will end up moving into a cashless society and each of us will end up with a social credit score based on our behavior. Our lives will be heavily monitored and we will our data will be bought and sold. We will likely become more like China, and less like the US I grew up in.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to be reset. I don’t want my life to be managed by billionaires. Rather, I’m going to honor my family who has fought in wars for this country and the wise people I’ve met both in real life and through reading history and religious texts. I highly value freedom and I’d like for the two generations living under me to know that freedom too.

For up to date information about Covid, and politics in general, here are some of the sources I go to: