4 Evidence against the Official Covid Narrative

As seen, in the US, and in many countries worldwide, there are many intelligent people who oppose the government’s Covid narrative. They think that the strong response to Covid isn’t appropriate to the threat of Covid.

As a result, the population is now divided: vaxxed vs unvaxxed, pro-vax passports vs anti-vax passports, pro-vaccinating children vs anti-vaccinating children, pro-lockdown vs anti-lockdown. Families and friendships are even breaking up.

According to the many respected scientists and doctors who are dismissed by mainstream media, we shouldn’t have had to lock down, shut down small businesses, take PCR tests to travel. We shouldn’t trust the PCR test, wear masks, change how we fill out death certificates or stand six feet apart. The schools didn’t need to close. The vaccine didn’t need to be mandated… and it certainly should not be being given to children. Look at some of their research:

1- Lockdowns…

Some people don’t realize how much the lockdowns damaged the economy. The people in favor of the lockdowns typically were upper middle class and could work from home.

According to the Wall Street Journal, 200,000 businesses in the US shut down due to the Covid mandates in 2020.



We shouldn’t have shut down any businesses. Instead, people who felt at risk of Covid should have protected themselves. If they felt unsure about going shopping, they could have their goods sent. The businesses should have had a high level of ventilation and maybe limited the number of people inside… but not be mandated to shut down.

Also, many people died as a result of the lockdown itself. Consider the majority of hospitalizations which were of people who had been staying at home in New York. From a May 2020 article:



2- The PCR test… The PCR test amplifies (copies) pieces of virus as many times as its cycle threshold indicates. The cycle threshold is commonly 37. Any CT (cycle threshold) above 28 results in many false positives. In other words, the higher the CT (the number of copies), the lower the reliability of the test for detecting an active Covid infection. Also any death within 2 weeks of a positive PCR test result has been labeled as a Covid death.


In this New York Times August 2020 article (scroll down the link 75% to see it… The original is behind a pay wall.) the problem of false positives is explained.



Here is how the PCR test works:


PCR test developer Kary B. Mullis was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1993. He didn’t want the PCR test used for diagnosis.

Here Dr. Mullis is explaining the limits of the PCR test in a video:



Kary Mullis died in August of 2019.

3- Death certificates… Death certificates used to be filled out with the first cause of death on top followed by contributing causes or other diseases present at the time of death. Now it is filled out with Covid at the top regardless of the real cause if Covid is suspected.

An article from April 2020 explains:

“Ideally, testing for COVID-19 should be conducted, but it is acceptable to report COVID-19 on a death certificate without this confirmation if the circumstances are compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty.”



The change in how deaths are recorded means that we are likely over counting Covid deaths due to basing them on a best guess or on a faulty PCR test.

“If we had access to certain criteria – the date of the death certificate, the date of the positive PCR test, the cycle threshold used on the PCR test, and a basic knowledge of pre-existing/co-morbid conditions from medical records – we could correct the COVID death count and have a much clearer understanding of COVID-19 mortality. This includes 1) how many people died due to COVID 2) how many died with COVID and 3) how many died but were miscategorized as COVID fatalities.”


The Italian institute of health recently looked at how it’s Covid deaths had been counted and reduced the official Covid death toll number dramatically when they took out the number of people who had died with Covid, rather than from Covid.

"Of the of the 130,468 deaths registered as official COVID deaths since the start of the pandemic, only 3,783 are directly attributable to the virus alone.”


4- Masks… We were recently told that masks prevent the transmission of the Covid virus by 80%… which is untrue. Any breath a person takes in when wearing a mask can have virus in it. Any breath a person exhales can contain virus too. Here is a link to many studies with evidence that masks don’t work to stop the transmission of viruses.


The efficacy of masks is only 15-20% as found in a long-anticipated Danish study, which the mainstream media didn’t report.

Here is a video of Dr Drew explaining the Danish mask study as well as the effect of masks on children.



5- Standing 6 feet apart… The Covid virus can remain in the air for a long time. Also, standing 6 feet apart will not prevent transmission. Here is a report on the transmission of the Covid virus from the EPA:

“Transmission of COVID-19 from inhalation of virus in the air can occur at distances greater than six feet. Particles from an infected person can move throughout an entire room or indoor space. The particles can also linger in the air after a person has left the room – they can remain airborne for hours in some cases.”


A WHO July 22, 2020 study talks about how long Covid can linger in the air as well as how far it can travel:

The study found that SARS-CoV-2 could survive in aerosol form for 3 hours. As the experiment ended, the total amount of time that SARS-CoV-2 survives as droplets in the air could be longer.
It can also
travel at least 13 feet by aerosols that are emitted by breathing or speaking, twice as far as established physical distancing guidelines, based on a report by the CDC.”


6- ShotsToday, the US government, many state governments and much of corporate America are forcing millions of people across the US to take shots to keep their jobs. The fear of Covid has got to the point of forced vaccination or lose your job! People are quitting their jobs in protest: doctors, nurses, firefighters, police, teachers, pilots, etc. It doesn’t make sense to have to take shots for a disease that has an approximate 99.7% survival rate…. And a very near 100% survival rate for those under 30. We’re at a huge risk of facing an emergency alone without enough doctors, nurses firefighters and police in our communities.

They want people to take a shot which we don’t know the long-term effects of. Will it wreck our immune system? Will there be a lot more blood clot problems, heart attacks and strokes in people who have taken the shot? Will cancer rates rise? What will happen to the people who take shot after shot? Will they suffer effects from the shots 5 years in the future?

What happens if you live in a country that doesn’t have access to the shots?

Journalist Alex Berenstein, former reporter for the New York Times, found out.

“It’s almost as if mass vaccinations of powerful but imperfect vaccines have made the epidemic worse in the United Kingdom (and across Europe and the United States) by interfering with the natural course of the epidemic and the development of natural immunity.


I’m sure Pfizer and Moderna and the public health gurus have a better explanation, though. Roll up yer sleeves for that booster!”


Click here to see charts of Covid cases from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and … the UK. The charts raise a lot of questions about the shot.


Bill Gates admits the shots aren’t working

Since the start of the Covid era, it has been disgusting to many people that Bill Gates has been allowed to dictate our public health policies and what we put in our bodies. Now he is basically saying “Ooops… Sorry!”


“"We didn't have vaccines that block transmission," said Gates, contradicting previous interviews in which he claimed the shots significantly block transmissions. "We got vaccines that help you with your health, but they only slightly reduce the transmission,” he added.” … ““We need a new way of doing the vaccines."

You can read investigative journalist Jordon Schachtel’s article and watch Bill here:


Spike proteins roaming around the body

Dr. Peter McCollough is an American cardiologist. He was vice chief of internal medicine at Baylor University Medical Center and a professor at Texas A&M University. Recently he was on the Alex Jones show. Alex Jones is a known conspiracy theorist who has been banned from social media. That said, he is immensely popular and isn’t always wrong. He’s a sensationalist and has made a few big blunders, but he’s not always wrong.

Peter McCollough is a well-respected and educated person. He deserves to be listened to. Here is a tweet promoting the show, and the link to the show is below that.


What he says about the spike protein staying in the body for over 15 months is scary.


Former Pfizer employee whistleblows

Greg Hunter, former journalist at ABC news, CNN and Good Morning America, now reports independently at USA Watchdog (. com). Here he introduces his November 6th (2021) guest Karen Kingston:

Karen Kingston is a former Pfizer employee and top biotech analyst … Kingston contends the so-called vaccines are in fact bioweapons and she can prove it with the FDA’s own data…


I personally can’t attest to Karen’s character or the truth of her statements, but I think she should be listened to. Her claims should be investigated and not dismissed out of hand.

Listen to her here:


Shots in the young and healthy

Finally, many doctors and scientists talk about what these shots could do to kids: decrease the power of the natural immune system, damage the circulatory system, cause heart problems and possibly cause infertility. However, they are not listened to by the masses who instead are taking their children to get the shots.

Here is a sad report: The first death in a child in South Korea as a result of the Pfizer shot, broadcast on RT news.



Athletes take the shot

Here are some stories of athletes who have got very sick or died from the shots. This particular population is at a near zero risk of dying from Covid because they are extremely healthy and rarely have any underlying diseases.


One athlete’s story:

Kyle Warner, a 29-year-old professional mountain bike racer, developed pericarditis, POTS and reactive arthritis following his second dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot.

About two weeks after the shot, Warner experienced extremely elevated heart rates; an ER doctor refused to believe it was an adverse reaction to the jab and instead blamed it on a “psychotic episode.”

After visiting another hospital due to more heart trouble, Warner was referred to a cardiologist who diagnosed him with pericarditis, an inflammation of the outer lining of the heart.”



A German newspaper recently compiled a list of top athletes who have collapsed or died because of the shot.

“Researchers are now investigating reports that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines “are likely causing the inflammatory heart conditions myocarditis and pericarditis.”



Another Whistleblower

On November 4th, a whistleblower came forward to report that Pfizer was negligent in conducting its vaccine trials.

Ventavia Research Group operated several of the trial sites in the fall of 2020. Brook Jackson, who worked for the company during this time, told the British Medical Journal that the trial was riddled with issues, including the falsification of data.

Jackson said she alerted the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to the problems she witnessed and was fired within hours.”


7. This is NOT a pandemic of the unvaccinated … Here is why:

1) Here is an important article: 81 Research Studies Confirm Natural Immunity to Covid ‘equal’ or ‘superior to’ Vaccine Immunity. Don’t you find it odd that work places won’t accept proof of natural immunity in place of the vax?



2- Another scientific study (Sept 2021) confirms that this isn’t a pandemic of the unvaccinated because Covid cases aren’t related to a community’s level of vaccination.


3) Dr Peter Doshi, editor of the British Medical Journal and professor at the school of pharmacy in Maryland, explains why were not in a pandemic of the unvaccinated.


According to Doshi“If hospitalizations and deaths are almost exclusively occurring in the unvaccinated why would booster shots be necessary?” And why would the statistics be so different in the UK, where most COVID hospitalizations and deaths are among the fully vaccinated?”


Dr. Doshi also testified at a recent Senate hearing that we should not be giving Covid shots to children. He testified at the request of Senator Ron Johnson, Wisconsin.


Dr. Doshi’s article Covid-19 vaccines for children: hypothetical benefits to adults do not outweigh risks to children” is here:


8- Jabs for jobs If you think people shouldn’t have to be vaccinated to have a job, you must speak out. If we don’t want this mandate, we should say so. Living in a participatory society requires it. Journalist Kim Iversen does a great job explaining the egregious jobs for jabs situation we find ourselves in.



There is no way that shots should be mandated in light of the evidence that is contrary to the shot’s effectiveness and the laws that protect our privacy and body autonomy.

Getting a shot is a personal decision. Again, the shots don’t stop the spread of Covid, nor prevent a person from getting infected with Covid. Yes, there is evidence that the shots can keep people out of the hospital, but the effectiveness of the shots wears off and then people need a booster. Are people going to continuously risk their health with endless boosters? Will the cases of adverse effects and Bill Gate’s admission that these shots aren’t going as planned have an impact on the job mandates? Will they give parents pause in getting their children jabbed?

If only our legacy media and most of our elected leaders weren’t bought off…