1 Formulating the Covid Response

At the start of the Covid era, social and behavioral scientists were explaining to our elected leaders (and likely media heads and other people of influence) how to use behavioral science to persuade us to support the government’s Covid response.



Were the social and behavioral scientists in full agreement with the Covid mandates (lockdowns, masks, school and business closures, the distancing rules)? In other words, did they themselves agree with those responses to Covid?

I’m writing this report to remember history. I’ll give it to my children to give to their future children someday. I don’t know how this Covid era will end, but I hope it results in a better and freer world for us all and doesn’t result in totalitarianism, which is where we could be heading.

To start, I don’t think we have been responding to Covid in the best way. In this report I say “Covid” instead of “Covid-19, and I sometimes say “shot” instead of “vaccine”… because it isn’t a vaccine in the traditional sense.

Moreover, I understand why elderly people and people with underlying health conditions and people who are nervous about Covid have chosen to take the shots. The Covid shots will, in most cases, reduce both the symptoms of Covid and the need to be hospitalized. However, these shots protect people for only a few months; and they don’t stop people who take them from becoming infected with Covid or from transmitting the Covid virus to others.

The early Covid era timeline

When looking at a situation, it’s best to give a history… to start at the beginning.

The World Health Organization (WHO) published a report on what was happening in China on January, 12, 2020, in part:

“At this stage, there is no infection among healthcare workers, and no clear evidence of human to human transmission. The Chinese authorities continue their work of intensive surveillance and follow up measures, as well as further epidemiological investigations. 

Among the 41 confirmed cases, there has been one death. This death occurred in a patient with serious underlying medical conditions.”


On February 5th 2020 the Gates Foundation donated $100 million to fight Covid. A $79 million grant went to Imperial College.


The first Covid death in the US was reportedly on February 6th. (however, in the summer of 2021 it was reported that a few people may have died from/with Covid in January 2020.)

On March 16th 2020, President Trump issued an order to shut the country down for 15 days to slow the spread of Covid, to “flatten the curve.” We’d like to believe that this Covid response was backed by a consensus of well-respected scientists, doctors and public health officials.

It turns out, the government’s response to Covid was not likely developed by a consensus of our best scientists, public health officials and doctors. Instead, the Covid response seems to have been determined by recommendations put out by Imperial College in London. Neil Ferguson, epidemiologist and specialist in infectious disease, headed the Covid response team at Imperial College. He looked at data coming out of China and then constructed models of the impact the virus would likely have in other countries.

The first report on Covid was issued in January of 2020. Here is a link to all of Imperial College’s reports.


Here are the Covid strategies put out by Imperial College in early 2020.


The article can be found here: https://www.imperial.ac.uk/news/196234/covid-19-imperial-researchers-model-likely-impact/

Here is a time line of these main events in the early Covid era in 2020:

January 12th WHO report on Covid in China (1 death in a very sick person)

February 5th Bill Gates donates $100 million to fight Covid. $79 million to Imperial College

February 6th First known reported Covid death in the US

Early March Imperial College gives recommendations on Covid response

March 16th President Trump issues order to flatten the curve.

Not all voices are treated equally

Early on in the Covid era, we heard a lot from Bill Gates, Imperial College, Anthony Fauci and Andrew Cuomo.

Throughout history, there has existed a group of powerful people who influence elected leaders. These powerful people influence (and sometimes write) the laws passed in congress and in our state legislatures. The revolving door between government and big business is easy to see for those who wish to look.

A case in point is the revolving door between the FDA and big pharma.


Investigative journalist Joseph Schachtel wrote about this particular revolving door:

“Have an experimental drug that needs rapid authorization from the FDA in order to be sold to the masses? Looking to siphon billions of dollars from the US. taxpayer for your newfound pharmaceutical product? In today’s America, you can buy yourself a former FDA commissioner, and use the public-sector private-sector revolving door system of corruption to impose your will on the American public, and make a windfall for your executives and shareholders in the process.”


Many well-known and well-respected scientists and doctors have spoken out against the government’s response to Covid, yet aren’t shown respect by mainstream media or by the majority of our leaders. Rather, they have been dismissed.

Consider Dr. Michael Yeardon, former Chief Scientist and Vice-President of Pfizer Respiratory & Allergy Research who had worked for over 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry. He has been talking about Covid and sounding the alarm about some of the lies and half-truths coming out of public health agencies since September of 2020. For one, he is concerned that the Covid shots could lead to infertility in women. He also says that lockdowns and masks won’t stop or slow transmission and that asymptomatic spread is a falsehood.

You can watch him explain his research here-


Another well-respected doctor is Dr. Peter McCullough. He wrote about early outpatient drug treatments for Covid including taking Ivermectin, which people in India and El Salvador have been taking as a prophylactic (prevention) with dramatic results.

Ivermectin in the Uttar province in India-


More on Ivermectin in India… and in El Salvador


You can read Dr. McCullough’s research here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7410805/

You can witness his testimony to the US Senate here: https://ratical.org/PandemicParallaxView/DrMcCulloughC19OutpatientTreatmnt.html

Another doctor who is not shown respect in the mainstream media is Robert Malone. Dr. Malone was one of the inventors of the mRNA vaccines. He explains how people who are vaccinated still can spread the virus and get infected by the virus and calls for a halt to Covid vaccines. He explains that the Covid vaccine can cause enhanced immune response in people who have taken it, which can create a worse reaction when people are later exposed to the natural corona virus.


There are many more scientists, doctors, academics and public health experts speaking out. Heather Heying and Bret Weinstein are PhD scientists who taught at Evergreen State College. They present breaking information on Covid in an easily understandable way on their Darkhorse podcast, which appears on YouTube.

Here’s one of their videos: Vaccine immunity “wanes after 2-3 months” - (Lancet Paper)



This video (link above) talks about how the shots lose effectiveness after a few months and do not prevent infection or transmission.

I was happy to see a mainstream news outlet publishing the same information on November 4, 2021. Maybe there is hope to ending this madness of jabs for jobs and vax passes.



Isn’t it curious how these voices are dismissed so readily in mainstream media? What if Peter McCollough is correct about the effectiveness of Ivermectin as a prophylactic or as a remedy to Covid? What if it’s true that this cheap drug, designed for humans (and also given to animals), has the power to save countless lives? Why did CNN demonize Joe Rogan?

What if Michael Yeardon is correct and many females who get the shot end up infertile?

There are 10,000’s if not 100,000’s of highly respected and well-informed international doctors, scientists, public health officials and others who have come out against the current Covid mandates.

This article explains why 7,800 doctors and scientists signed a petition to allow the use of Ivermectin.


An international group of physicians and scientists signed a declaration Friday accusing COVID-19 policy-makers of “crimes against humanity” for preventing the use of life saving treatments on their patients.


Did the $100 million Gates Foundation dollars and the massive amount of money big pharma pours into mainstream media have anything to do with our government’s Covid response? Did you know Pfizer sponsors many mainstream TV programs Americans commonly watch?

Watch this short YouTube video to see a compilation of the TV programs Pfizer sponsors.


How should we have responded to Covid?

I contend that the federal government and many state governments have not responded to Covid correctly. Instead of what they did do, early on, we should have heard on mainstream news from multiple scientists and doctors who had opposing views to the mandates: mask wearing, lock downs business and school closures and the prohibition of certain treatment protocol, which have worked in other countries.

We should have been educated early on about the typical death profile of someone who succumbs to Covid (over age 70 with 2+ serious underlying health conditions, low vitamin D levels, half of all Covid deaths occur in nursing homes, etc). We should have protected the vulnerable from exposure to the virus and let people, especially the young, live normally. We should have promoted the importance of clean fresh air and ventilation in rooms; we should have talked about vitamin and mineral supplements to boost the immune system, particularly vitamins C, D3 and Zinc, and told people the benefits of losing weight and exercise.

Instead of doing any of those things to any meaningful degree, we have been presented with one-sided information: PCR tests to travel or work, shots to travel or work and increasingly proof of vaccination to enter restaurants. I don’t think we will be able to lock down, vaccinate or mask our way out of this Covid era.

(Incidentally, I saw a video early on in the Covid era wherein EVERY news anchor was giving the exact same Covid message. Isn’t that weird? … word for word… the exact message.)


Comparing Covid Responses: Sweden, The US and El Salvador

Sweden is an example of what would have happened if the mandates that most states in the US (and in many countries) followed hadn’t been followed. In Sweden people generally didn’t wear masks, the 6 foot rule didn’t apply, businesses didn’t shut down and neither did schools long-term. Life basically went on as usual. There were a lot of deaths in the spring and winter of 2020, and a sharp decline in deaths since January 2021. (Data retrieved on November 12th)


Sweden: deaths per million: 1,478

Here are the ages of people who died in Sweden. A total of 39 people under the age of 30 died. The vast majority was over the age of 70.


The US deaths per million: 2,365


Sweden has had 38% fewer deaths than the US has… despite their Covid strategy having been demonized in the US mainstream news for much of 2020.

In Whatcom County, Washington, where I live, (population nearly 230,000) no one under the age of 30 has died of Covid. The table below comes from the Whatcom County Covid dashboard (retrieved on Nov. 12, 2021). Since the first reported US death in February 2020, there has been 168 deaths with/ from Covid in Whatcom County… 89 deaths in people over the age of 80, accounting for 53% of all presumed Covid deaths.


El Salvador

El Salvador has a very direct response to Covid. El Salvadoran people are provided with Covid kits. They have been receiving these kits, which contain vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Zinc and Ivermectin, since September 2021.


El Salvador has a population of 6,530,293 and has 569 Covid deaths per million people. El Salvador has had many fewer deaths than Oregon, Washington and California which have have been following very stringent Covid mandates.

Deaths per million

El Salvador








What accounts for these huge differences in death rates between El Salvador and these 3 US states? I suspect it has to do with how deaths are determined to be Covid deaths. Washington, Oregon and California could be inflating deaths due to the PCR test cycle threshold, (more on that later).


(Incidentally, when you look at charts on worldometer, you have to pay special attention to the Y-axis as the scale of numbers on the Y axis differs widely chart by chart. In this case the number of Covid deaths on the Y-axis are measured as 0, 5, 10, 15, 20)

Data from https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries

The Real Risk of Dying from/with Covid by Age Group

We know the death profile of Covid, and we know that nearly all people who die with/from Covid already have serious pre-existing health conditions. We know it’s a death primarily among people older than 70 and that obesity and Vitamin D levels play important roles in the intensity and outcome of a Covid infection. It stands to reason that we should have a Covid response that would be reflective of that information.

Why doesn’t mainstream media talk about how nearly everyone who gets Covid survives it and that most Covid infections are mild?

According to a study by two Stanford University professors, Catherine Axfors and John P.A. Ioannidis, if a person contracts the virus, here are their chances of survival and the chances of death per age group:

Age Group

Survival Rate

Death rate

# of deaths so far (Nov 12th) in Whatcom county (population 230,000)






























Again, as seen in the above data, Covid is by far a much more dangerous virus in older people. (In Whatcom County 76% of all with / from Covid deaths are in people over the age of 70.)

What is not mentioned on mainstream news is that nearly everyone who gets Covid survives, even older people. Again, the risk of death is associated with not having a strong immune system and being sick already: obesity, cardiovascular and lung diseases, diabetes, etc. People are not at equal risk of dying from Covid. People under 30 are at virtually no risk of dying from Covid.

Also, it is important to remember that if people test positive for Covid, regardless if they die from cancer or heart disease, they are being labeled as a Covid death. Moreover, if they die within two weeks of a positive PCR test, they are labeled as a Covid death. Finally, if a person dies within two weeks of having a Covid “vaccine” they are deemed a Covid death.

We should have never closed our businesses or elementary schools. We should have closed our high schools and colleges only when there was ample evidence of a pandemic with growing numbers of people dying OF Covid, not just with it. We should have had a more local and nuanced approach to Covid. We should have listened to other voices. Now we are more gripped with a disease of fear rather than a disease of a virus. It is this fear that could spell our downfall.