Vaccine Mandates… Do we really want to continue down this road?

By Elizabeth Hanson Ferndale, WA USA January 4, 2022

Emeging facts have led me to the conclusion that we are making a big mistake by going along with Covid vaccine mandates. Covid vaccines should be made available to people, but not mandated. Going down this vaccine mandate road leads to disturbing outcomes.


This report is divided into the following six parts:

Part I Emerging Facts

Part II Vaccines and Herd Immunity

Part III Comparing Highest to Lowest Vaxxed States

Part IV The Covid Death Profile

Part V Vaccine Side Effects and Mandate Dangers

Part VI Conclusion… Lets Choose a Better Road

Part I Emerging Facts

Taking a Covid vaccine doesn’t stop transmission, nor does it prevent you from becoming infected. We are told that these vaccines reduce Covid symptoms and save lives. However the vaccines lose their effectiveness in a few months time, have dangerous side effects and they aren’t effective against the new Omnicron variant. Will people take boosters every time a new variant emerges?


It turns out that for most healthy people, especially children, the vaccines’ possible side effects are far worse than their experience of having a Covid infection would be. Children also almost never die from Covid. According to the CDC, in the entire US since the start of the Covid era, in March of 2020, through December 2021, a total of 678 children age 0-17 have died “a Covid-related”. This is a rate of about 400 per year. To give some perspective to those unfortunate deaths, there are approximately 74 million children in that age group…. 400/74,000,000 is about 5 per million per year.

Historically about 500 children per year die from the seasonal flu in the US. Thus Covid risk to children is LESS than the risk of the seasonal flu. Over 3,000 children in the US die each year from injuries and another 2,000 die from car accidents. Over 1,000 are killed (by guns, etc), Over 1,000 commit suicide every year. Nearly 1,000 die in water drownings.

All of these are tragic deaths. But we never shut down our schools, our parks, our libraries and our economy over any of these other more common causes of death.

Part II Vaccines and Herd Immunity

In this short section, you will learn a basic difference between traditional vaccines and mRNA vaccines.

The Covid vaccines received emergency use authorization in December 2020, which marked the start to the vaccination campaign. Throughout this article I use the word “vaccine” or “vaccinate”. However, these aren’t vaccines in the traditional sense. They are mRNA vaccines, a new kind of vaccine, which had never been used on millions of people before in history. We are subjects in an experiment. This picture illustrates how mRNA vaccines work:


Connecticut’s government website does a nice job explaining mRNA vaccines: “Both mRNA (Moderna and Pfizer) and viral vector vaccines (Johnson and Johnson) contain instructions that teach our cells how to create "spike proteins", which is the protein found on the surface of the virus that causes COVID-19. Once your cells produce COVID-19 spike proteins, your immune system recognizes that those proteins don’t belong in your body and creates antibodies to stop the virus from spreading when you are exposed to it.”

Many doctors and scientists believe that Covid vaccines damage a person’s natural immune system, which will lead to people to getting more cancers and autoimmune diseases in the future. There are also many studies that show how Covid vaccines damage the cardiovascular system. You can read some doctors’ views on the vaccines and other issues related to Covid here.

Part III Comparing the Highest to Lowest Vaxxed States

My aims in this section are to answer these questions:

1- Which states have the highest and lowest vaccination rates?

2- How many Covid related deaths per 100,000 are in each state?

3- In the 10 states we look at are there more underlying health problems and poverty in the states with the highest number of deaths per 100,000 than in the states with the lowest number of deaths per 100,000?

4- Have the level of cases and deaths decreased or increased since 65% of the population in the highly vaccinated states were vaccinated?

Note: I say “Covid related deaths” because most often when a person dies with a positive PCR or other Covid test, he or she is labeled as a Covid death. Recently, the mother of one of my husband’s students died of Cancer, yet was labeled a Covid death… despite having been in hospice for several weeks dying of Cancer. Even the CDC calls Covid deaths “Deaths that involve Covid 19”.

Here are the different ways Covid cases and deaths are defined:


The problem with the PCR test is that it is too sensitive. This NY Times article, Your Covid test is positive. Maybe it shouldn’t be explains the problems with the PCR test:

Let’s turn now to analyzing the 10 states- 5 with the highest vaccination rates and 5 with the lowest.

(Data retrieved on January 3, 2022)

The Five highest vaccinated states


Here is when each of the 5 highest vaccinated state reached a 65% and a 70% fully vaccination rate:


Part IV The Death Profile

Death rates per age group

I personally don’t know anyone who had died of Covid, but I’ve known several people who have been infected with Covid. My son, who is a healthcare worker and fully vaccinated, lives in Seattle, where masks and vaccine passports are mandated. I just found out my son tested positive with Covid today... while putting the final touches on this article. How timely. So despite wearing a mask all of the time, being fully vaccinated and living in a city with vaccine passports, he still got infected.

How serious are Covid infections in young people who are in good health? Is it very deadly? Here are the numbers of deaths per age group in the entire US since March 2020… (Data retrieved from the CDC website on December 30th 2021)


There have reportedly been 814,806 total Covid related deaths in the US (as of December 30th 2021).

Here is a breakdown of Covid related death by age.


Part V Vaccine Side Effects and Mandate Dangers

Do you remember when Nancy Pelosi said, “We have to pass the bill to see what’s in it?”


That was the sentiment at the FDA when it came to allowing the Covid vaccines to be used on us:


In other words, give the shot to everyone and then we’ll see what happens.

There seem to be a group of people that is willing to experiment on us. I’m grateful that there are many doctors and scientists and others speaking out against these vaccines and their mandates.

Dr Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology used in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, has warned people of the danger.

Part VI Conclusion… Lets Choose a Better Road

I contend we never should have shut down society, worn masks, stood 6 feet apart (the virus travels in the air much farther), closed businesses or been mandated to take vaccines or carry vaccine passports. Instead of lockdowns or shutting down businesses, people could have done their own risk assessment and figured out if they could go out and live normally or if they should change their lives and stay home more often and avoid crowds, take a vaccine if they wanted to.


The healthier a person is (not overweight and no underlying health conditions) the freer that person should feel to live, but in much of the country, healthy vibrant people, and children, don’t feel that way. They think that they are at risk of getting really sick with Covid and dying. And that is very far from the truth.

We all should have been informed about the death profile and how to improve our natural immune system, and we all should have some awareness of the real risk a Covid infection is to our health. A person’s own immune system is the most important weapon in fighting Covid. We should have had a health campaign nationwide to teach people how to boost their immune system, lose weight and improve their overall health. We should have been taught about the benefits of vitamin D.